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Football is one of the most loved sports in the world. Fans are spread all over the planet but it’s England, known for its passionate fans, who are considered to have the best supporters worldwide. That raises the question then – which clubs have the best football fans in England?

Best Football Fans in England?

Every football fan will lay claim that their club has the best football fans in England. As a neutral I’ll determine who the best fans in Premier League football are based on the following:

  • Loudest football fans
  • Best matchday experience
  • Most passionate football fans
  • Best stadium matchday menu

Without the bias, let’s take a look at the biggest and most supported football clubs and work out who the best football fans in England are.

8. Wolverhampton Wanderers

The Wolverhampton fan base is one of the fastest growing in the Premier League with the Wolves global brand showing signs of explosive growth. Wolverhampton, on the back of their rise, have even launched a high end fashion range in China.

It’s a world apart from the “Dingles” nickname rival supporters have given to Wolves fans in reference to the fictional family from the British soap opera Emmerdale.

According to American Factman it’s Wolves fans who are the loudest Premier League fans. Fans at the Molineux generate 85 decibels of sound over a 90-minute period which is just below the sound levels of a Boeing 737. It’s remarkable considering the capacity of the Molineux is just over 31,000.

The noise of a packed Molineux 🐺👌

— Casual Ultra (@thecasualultra) November 22, 2020

7. Crystal Palace

Rivals of Crystal Palace see them as boring and call them “Stripey Nigels”. That’s far from the truth as Crystal Palace supporters are among the loudest football fans in England. In fact, a fan poll ranked them third for most noisiest Premier League fans and second most likely to sing for their team.

When it comes to football in London, Crystal Palace are overshadowed by their more fashionable London rivals. But the South London club has been voted as having the best matchday experience in England.

Selhurst Park is one of the last remaining examples of Archibald Leitch football architecture and the old fashioned brown-brick facade and stadium atmosphere is how a stadium should look and feel.

“Palace fans are in a league of their own.”

⁰Ep 5 of our #92ClubChallenge with @FotMob is at Selhurst Park and it’s a big one. What a stadium…

This one’s for you @CPFC fans.

(Video) 8 Athleten, die beim Betrügen erwischt wurden

— COPA90 (@Copa90) October 21, 2021

6. Manchester United

Manchester United are the most supported club in England and third in the world. The club is so popular all over the world thanks to the success of the Alex Ferguson era where Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles during a 26-year reign.

It’s little wonder rival fans describe Manchester United fans as “glory hunters”, but the dedication of fans sticking by their team during the failed days of David Moyes and beyond, is proof that fans of the Red Devils are up their with the best in the league.

One of the best places to watch football on the planet is at the world famous 75,000 capacity Old Trafford. The Manchester United Red Café on the third floor of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand is a must visit for any die-hard Red Devils fan.

Old programme covers on display in the Red Cafe at Old Trafford

— Man Utd Collectors (@MUFCMemorabilia) June 9, 2019

5. Aston Villa

Despite the lack of emotional return, Aston Villa fans are among the most loyal fan bases in England. Villa Park is considered to be the best stadium experience in the UK and has one of the best matchday menus with a diverse range of dishes headlined by the famous chicken balti pie.

Aston Villa is a popular club with a large fan base and boisterous support across the Midlands. Villa Park is one of the most filled stadiums in the Premier League and is almost always above 98% full despite their up and down success.

Villa Park’s away fan allocation is tucked in behind the Doug Ellis Stand and is close by to the vocal North Stand home supporters. The result is one of the best matchday experiences in the Premier League with spine-tingling back-and-forths between both sets of fans.

Were going up. Your going down….UTV@AVFCOfficial @villareport @TheVillaForum @AVFC_Fanly @ProjectB6_ @oldmansaid

— Del Thom (@derekjohnthom) February 11, 2018

4. Leeds United

Leeds United is one of the most hated football clubs in the world mostly because of the “Dirty Leeds” team of the 60’s and 70’s. A study found that Leeds had the most negative football chants sung about them by other clubs fans with 117 in total. Perhaps it’s because Leeds fans love to travel, and according to one online poll are the best away fans in England.

The South Yorkshire club has some of the most passionate fans in England. Leeds United has the most loyal and supportive fan base with the highest percentage of local support in the Premier League. Even when Leeds were in League One they averaged crowds of over 24,000 at Elland Road.

Speaking of Elland Road it offers one of the most authentic traditional English football experiences. There’s something special about the two-mile walk from the city centre to Elland Road, having a pint at the Old Peacock on the way in and stopping by the insanely popular Graveley’s Fish and Chips.

✍️ Don’t go to bed just yet… there is still work to be done #LUFC

— Leeds United (@LUFC) October 5, 2020

(Video) Die 20 lustigsten und peinlichsten Sport-Momente

3. Arsenal

I truly feel sorry for Arsenal fans. Emirates Stadium’s “most affordable” season ticket prices have exceeded £1,000, one of the highest ticket prices in Europe, but Arsenal fans still manage to fill the Emirates at over 98%. It’s remarkable just how passionate Arsenal fans are to keep turning up even in the post-Arsene Wenger era when things haven’t been going their way.

Arsenal have a very good fan following because of the attractive and entertaining brand of football they’ve played over the years. It can be a very frustrating experience being an Arsenal fan and you can quite literally tell when the Emirates is quiet on TV. But don’t mistake nervous Gooners for a lack of passion.

North Londoners love their club and when Arsenal are firing, the Emirates offers one of the best gameday atmospheres in the Premier League.You’d want to eat before you get to the ground though. Prices inside the Emirates are outrageous, but what do you expect with season ticket prices so high? Just sneak some snacks in.

If Arsenal qualify for the Champions League the average season ticket at the Emirates Stadium will cost over £1,200. It is over £1,000 with no European football.

Arsenal say their costs are rising and they must drive growth in all revenue streams to break even in “medium term”.

— James Benge (@jamesbenge) February 28, 2022

2. Newcastle

Newcastle United is a massive club locally but isn’t as global as some of the clubs in the Premier League. It doesn’t matter as Newcastle supporters are the most passionate supporters and have the best away fans in England. In 2011 a 6,000-strong contingent of Newcastle fans made the away trip to non-league Darlington for a pre-season friendly in 2011.

Local football heroes – like one of the best Premier League strikers of all time Alan Shearer, Andy Carroll, Steven Taylor and Shola Ameobi – are treated like demigods and St James’ Park is simply stunning. In the heart of Newcastle city, St James’ Park dominates the skyline with its unique asymmetric design like no other. Newcastle fans are so football-mad that there’s hardly an empty seat at St James’ even when they’re playing in the Championship.

Newcastle United is on its way to becoming one of the top clubs in England again. A trip to St James’ Park is certainly one of the best away trips in the Premier League. Away fans are packed into the top tier of the Leazes Stand which has one of the best away section views in England, with views of the Newcastle skyline and countryside.

1. Liverpool

Liverpool has the best football fans in England and what makes Liverpool the best fans in the world is the Anfield atmosphere on matchday. The Liverpool faithful know how to put on a show with ther pre-match rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” so it’s no surprise that Liverpool fans have been voted the loudest in the Premier League.

“The Kop” is the most famous football stadium stand in the world and Liverpool showed an immense deal of loyalty by choosing to stay at Anfield and expand the Anfield Road End rather than relocating and building a new stadium like many other clubs.

Liverpool is the most successful club in England with the most combined English and European trophies. No wonder Liverpool are the most hated club in the Premier League and the envy of other fans. Away fans can enjoy street food at Anfield’s Fan Zone at Paisley Square or keep the kids entertained at Family Park on Anfield Road.

Going off the four most popular comments…

Let’s have your votes 👇

— SPORTbible (@sportbible) May 16, 2022

(Video) WM 2014 Halbfinale - Deutschland - Brasilien 7:1

Who Are the Loudest Football Fans in England?

Liverpool are considered to have the noisiest fans in England both at home and away according to a fan vote. Arguably however it’s Wolves fans who have the loudest football fans in England when calculated over a 90-minute period.

American Factman uses a decibel reader to get his results at stadiums and perhaps has settled the debate once and for all. Maybe there is truth to the “Anfield myth” after all?

The Decibel reader in the EPL

Early season table based on average DB measurement (90m)

Top 10

Wolves 85👏
Man C 82
Chelsea 82
Fulham 82
Crystal P 81
Everton 81
Liverpool 80
Man U 79
Arsenal 79
Spurs 75


B’mouth 62

Wolves match EFL Birmingham! Pass those ear defenders!

— American Factman (@FEBallegiance) August 26, 2018

Which Club Has the Best Matchday Experience?

The best matchday experience in the Premier League depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re after a “prawn sandwich brigade” experience you can’t go past the International Suite at Old Trafford at the famed Stretford End.

If you’re after the best experience with the latest and greatest in hospitality then Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is your best bet. The stadium features the “silver spoon ” treatment with purpose-built hospitality areas and dedicated corporate seating on the half-way line.

If you’re after a proper football experience, lauded with history and an atmosphere that will give you goosebumps, then you must visit Anfield. Liverpool’s Anfield will offer the best matchday experience in the Premier League.

Anfield is on many peoples bucket lists with good reason. Whether you’re eating at the Boot Room Restaurant, downing a pint at the 1892 Lounge or singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” along with “The Kop”, the cracking atmosphere will have you wanting to come back for more.

The decision to stay and expand Anfield rather than move to a new stadium will be one of the best the club has ever made. It just feels right that the success coming our way should be at our true home and not some shiny but soulless 80,000 seater colosseum with no atmosphere.

— Dan (@Dan23_92) February 13, 2020

(Video) Chris Rea - Wolfgang Von Trips (Tribute)

Which English Football Club Has the Most Passionate Fans?

The most passionate fans in England are Newcastle United supporters. The club doesn’t have a global fan base like other clubs but Newcastle is a football-mad city. No matter what issues have gone on at the club the Toon Army keeps on turning up.

In a 2011 pre-season friendly at non-league side Darlington, an astonishing 6,000 Newcastle fans made the away trip showing just how passionate the fans are.

During the 2016-17 season Newcastle were playing in the Championship after being relegated from the Premier League. The “Toon Army” still turned up averaging crowds of over 51,000 and filling St. James’ Park practically at capacity.

Which Stadium Has the Best Matchday Menu?

A traditional gameday menu at the football in England is a serving of pies, chips, burgers or a hot dog. Wolverhampton’s Molineux Stadium pays homage to the large local Asian community with a Tandoori chicken wrap and masala fries that are to die for.

The Wolves menu is an honourable mention and comes in at second best.

First place goes to Villa Park which celebrates Birmingham’s cultural diversity with the best stadium matchday menu in England. Villa Park is the best stadium for food in England and is famous for its chicken balti pie, and also renowned for the shish kebab on naan bread which is available just outside Villa Park.

Shish Kebab at Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial served by @ThePanjabiGrill)

💷 £7

— Footy Scran (@FootyScran) February 10, 2022



Who are the hardest football fans in England? ›

Millwall Bushwackers (Millwall)

Known for working in physical and aggressive conditions, it should be no surprise that Millwall's hooligans are among the most notorious in England. The Millwall Bushwackers are the most notorious of them all and are among the worst behaved football fans England.

Who is the most loved club in England? ›

Currently the most successful club in England's top tier based on number of Premier League titles, the Red Devils were worth of US$1.65 billion that year.
Which club is your favourite Premier League club?
CharacteristicShare of respondents
Manchester United16%
9 more rows
Feb 21, 2022

Which UK team has most fans? ›

Liverpool is the most popular Premier League club in the UK in 2021: 46 percent of respondents say that they like or love the club. Next in the ranking of the popular clubs in the Premier League are Manchester United, Arsenal, and Leicester City.

Which Premier League club has the best fans? ›

Here is the ranking of the most passionate EPL fan bases in the Premier League.
  • 2 thoughts on “Most Passionate EPL Fan Bases : Ranking All 20 Clubs Of 2022-23”
  • Brighton And Hove Albion. ...
  • Everton. ...
  • Southampton. ...
  • Manchester United. ...
  • Manchester City. ...
  • Fulham. Embed from Getty Images. ...
  • Bournemouth. Embed from Getty Images. ...
Jul 7, 2022

Who are the loudest football fans in England? ›

Who Are the Loudest Football Fans in England? Liverpool are considered to have the noisiest fans in England both at home and away according to a fan vote.

Who has the best football fans in England? ›

Ranking The 10 Best Travelling Football Fans In The U.K
  1. Leeds Utd. Leeds fans are renowned for the passionate support they provide at every single game. ...
  2. Newcastle. ...
  3. Liverpool. ...
  4. Sunderland. ...
  5. Cardiff. ...
  6. Rangers. ...
  7. West Ham. ...
  8. Celtic.

What are the top 5 clubs in England? ›

English Clubs With Most Trophies:
  • Liverpool - 68 trophies.
  • Manchester United - 66 trophies.
  • Arsenal - 48 trophies.
  • Chelsea - 34 trophies.
  • Manchester City - 29 trophies.
  • Tottenham Hotspur - 26 trophies.
  • Aston Villa - 25 trophies.
  • Everton – 24 trophies.
6 days ago

Which club is the king of London? ›

By terms of history, Arsenal are by far the "Kings of London." No team in the capital has achieved as many domestic titles or overall trophies as the North Londoners.
Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham: Who Are the Real 'Kings of London'?
Games Played7
Goal Difference+3
4 more columns

What are the 3 biggest clubs in England? ›

5 Greatest English Football Clubs
  1. Liverpool. With their recent triumphs in the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup, Liverpool have once again returned to the top of the English football tree. ...
  2. Manchester United. ...
  3. Arsenal. ...
  4. Chelsea. ...
  5. Aston Villa.
Sep 30, 2022

What is the UK's favorite NFL team? ›

The Miami Dolphins rank number one in Britain. The amount of Facebook and Twitter traffic for the AFC East side can attest to their popularity. They first played in London in October 2007, when they faced the New York Giants at a muddy Wembley Stadium.

What football team has the nicest fans? ›

The Top Five. A Green Bay Packers fan base leads all NFL fan bases as of 2022, followed by the Patriots, Cowboys, the Eagles, and a Steeler fan base.

What is the biggest football crowd in the UK? ›

1Tottenham Hotspur85,512
2Manchester City84,569
4Manchester United81,962
63 more rows

Who has the biggest fan base in London? ›

London has more Arsenal fans it's a fact. Chelsea has more international fans i.e US. But Arsenal IS the club with the largest London fanbase.

Which club has biggest fan base? ›

The answer is Real Madrid!

Like in 2021 and 2022, also this year Real is the most followed football club in the world. Overall, the top 10 teams are the same as in 2021 and 2022. There are only several changes in positions. Let's have a detailed look at the football clubs with the most fans in the world in 2023.

What is the most liked football team in England? ›

Manchester United

Who is Englands best CB? ›

England manager Gareth Southgate has been told that he must stop overlooking Liverpool defender Joe Gomez as he is the Three Lions' 'best centre-back'.

What is the loudest ground in the Premier League? ›

An honourable mention, too, for Elland Road — routinely the loudest ground in the Premier League.

Who are the most passionate football fans in Europe? ›

British football fans have been voted the most passionate in Europe, according to a new study from UEFA Champions League sponsor Mastercard.

Who are the 6 biggest clubs in England? ›

The Premier League has come to be defined by its 'Big Six' of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham.

Who is the most successful team in England? ›

And so, if Community Shield titles are to count in the trophy haul, both Man Utd and Liverpool have won 66 major titles and share the title of the most successful side in England! *Accurate as of July 30, 2022.

Who is the best player in England? ›

Arsenal midfielder Bukayo Saka has been named the England Men's Best Player for the 2021-22 season following an impressive performance for both club and country.

Who is Chelsea biggest rival? ›

The Arsenal F.C.–Chelsea F.C. rivalry is a rivalry between London-based professional association football clubs Arsenal Football Club and Chelsea Football Club. Arsenal play their home games at the Emirates Stadium, while Chelsea play their home games at Stamford Bridge.

What is the oldest London club? ›

Fulham Football Club is London's oldest professional football club, having been established in 1879.

Who is pride of London? ›

The Pride of London is a Chelsea F.C. site brought to you by the FanSided Network dedicated to providing top-notch news, views and original content.

Which team is older in England? ›

Also, the EFL have stated that Nottingham Forest are the oldest current League club (1865). The club state they are the oldest professional Football League Club in the world, existing since 1863.

Who are the 5 biggest football clubs in the world? ›

Below is a list of 15 biggest and most supported football teams.
  • Real Madrid. Real Madrid comes at the first spot on this. ...
  • Manchester United. The club is popular for its rich heritage and numerous incredible players have been related to it. ...
  • Barcelona. ...
  • Juventus. ...
  • Chelsea. ...
  • Liverpool. ...
  • Bayern Munich. ...
  • Arsenal.

Who are the Big 5 in the Premier League? ›

As a commercial, free-to-air broadcaster, advertising revenues were critical to the network, so they focused primarily on the 'Big Five' clubs of the era – Liverpool, Manchester United, Everton, Arsenal and Spurs – and this caused considerable irritation among other clubs and their supporters.

Do the British care about NFL? ›

British fans want to enjoy the sport and profit from events going their way, and bookmakers are happy to help them do both. That's why UK bookies let you bet on almost every sport there is, American football included.

Does England care about NFL? ›

While the sport still seems niche in this country, the people who care about it really care. So, we already know there are millions of people right here in the UK who enjoy American Football – and hundreds of thousands who actually want to go and see the game played at the highest level in person.

What NFL team does the UK support? ›

MarketTeams (s)
SpainChicago Bears, Miami Dolphins
United KingdomChicago Bears, , Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers
6 more rows
Dec 15, 2021

Which football team fans is the loudest? ›

Lumen Field (Seattle, Washington)

Bottom Line: Fans of the Seattle Seahawks have set the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar at an outdoor stadium twice — reaching 136.6 decibels in 2013 and 137.6 decibels in 2014.

What is America's favorite NFL team? ›

Even though Dallas has not won a Super Bowl in that timeframe, being the most search-for team bolsters their status as "America's team" heading into the 2022-23 season. Here's a look at the top 10 teams in the country, plus the most searched-for NFL team in every state since 2017.

Who has the best fan base? ›

From Beyonce and her BeyHive to Justin Bieber and his Beliebers, here's a list of the celebrities with the most devoted fan bases.
  • 1 of 20. Beyoncé ...
  • 2 of 20. Taylor Swift. ...
  • 3 of 20. Cardi B. ...
  • 4 of 20. BTS. ...
  • 5 of 20. Rihanna. ...
  • 6 of 20. Justin Bieber. ...
  • 7 of 20. Katy Perry. ...
  • 8 of 20. Bruno Mars.
Jan 5, 2023

Is NFL popular in UK? ›

When it comes to American sports, the NFL remains the preferred choice for bettors in the United Kingdom. The NFL enjoyed a spike in popularity with U.K. bettors in the mid-2010s.

What city loves football the most? ›

Pittsburgh, PA

Which stadium holds the most fans in England? ›

Old Trafford, home to Manchester United, is the biggest stadium in the English Premier League, with a capacity of 74,310. It is the second-largest football stadium in England, behind only the national stadium, Wembley, which has a capacity of 90,000.

What is the most famous football club in London? ›

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are traditionally London's most successful teams.

Who is the most humble football? ›

Sadio Mané, Senegal

This Senegalese footballer is known for his generosity throughout the world. Despite his massive success and earnings in recent times, Mané has kept little for himself, donating the majority of his earnings to multiple social welfare projects.

Which sport has most intelligent fans? ›

"We began to wonder if there was a direct correlation between which sport a fan likes and their IQ. This is what inspired us to find an answer to our own question." The results of the test indicated that fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) had the highest IQs of all sports fans, with an average score of 112.6.

Who has the most loyal football fans in Europe? ›

1- Borussia Dortmund

The German club has incredible fans and everyone knows it. They are loyal, passionate, and dedicated. During home games, they create an amazing atmosphere. Their stadium is one of the biggest in Germany and supporters take advantage of this.

Which London club has the best fans? ›

London has more Arsenal fans it's a fact. Chelsea has more international fans i.e US. But Arsenal IS the club with the largest London fanbase.

Which country has most football fans? ›

Brazil. The world's most fabled footballing nation, Brazil have some of the most, if not the most passionate and demanding fans.

Who has the biggest football fans in the world? ›

Which football club has the most fans in the world 2023? Spanish Giants, Real Madrid has the most fans in the world. With a fan following of 272.5 million, Los Blancos tops the list of the football clubs with the biggest global fanbase.

Who are England fans booing? ›

Gareth Southgate vented his disgust at the England fans who booed Harry Maguire before the 3-0 friendly win over Ivory Coast, calling their actions “an absolute joke”.

Who has the most toxic Premier League fanbases? ›

Premier League: Which club is the least liked by fans? Liverpool top the list, followed by Arsenal and Manchester United, in being the three English teams that Premier League fans can't quite stand. In the history of the league, they are the most successful clubs.

Who are the most deluded football fans? ›

We asked the tough questions to 2,000 Premier League football fans, and this is what we found out.
PositionMost annoying fansMost deluded fans
3Manchester UnitedTottenham Hotspur
Jul 6, 2022

Who are the biggest football hooligans? ›

The Bushwackers are the most famous of their hooligan and thug supporter groups. The group, usually consisting of anywhere from 200-250 at a time, are by far the most fanatical supporters of the club.

Do Irish fans support England? ›

OVER one-third of Irish football fans will secretly be supporting fierce rivals England at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a poll has revealed.

Why do Liverpool fans boo the? ›

Liverpool FC fans often boo the national anthem with manager Jurgen Klopp urging fans to respect a minute's silence for the death of Queen Elizabeth II before Tuesday's night's Champions League match against Ajax.

Do Man United fans support England? ›

And, yes, there are plenty of United fans who still follow England and will be hoping Gareth Southgate's team do well in the World Cup. But there are also large numbers who no longer identify with the national team. It is one of the few things the supporters of United and Liverpool have in common.

Which football club has the most loyal fans? ›

1. FC Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the best-known clubs in the world and is one of the most successful Spanish clubs of all time. Their supporters are highly devout and pack the epic Camp Nou stadium time and time again.

Which football team has the most loyal fans? ›

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys, however, still rank first in the NFL in attendance every single season. You will find a huge swath of Cowboys fans at every single Dallas road game, as well, which is a testament to the legendary franchise's nationwide popularity. America's Team, indeed.

Who is the most disliked Premier League team? ›

SPORTbible readers voted Liverpool as the most hated club in the Premier League over Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Out of 28,602 votes, 41.6 per cent of readers voted Liverpool as their most hated club out of the four.

Which football club has the most toxic fans? ›

Manchester United Fans

One feels a sense of entitlement when one is a fan of one of the most historic and famous teams in World Football. You get that feeling with Manchester United fans and they certainly have no qualms talking down to opposing fans etc.

What football team has the craziest fans? ›

Ranking the NFL's Rowdiest Fans
  • New England Patriots. 8 of 15.
  • Baltimore Ravens. 7 of 15. ...
  • New York Jets. 6 of 15. ...
  • Denver Broncos. 5 of 15. ...
  • Chicago Bears. 4 of 15. ...
  • Kansas City Chiefs. 3 of 15. ...
  • New York Giants. 2 of 15. ...
  • Dallas Cowboys. 1 of 15. There's no denying that fans in Big D have lost a step in recent years. ...

Which football team has the best looking fans? ›

Liverpool football club came out on top after receiving 26% of the vote ahead of Chelsea with 20%. Manchester United and Arsenal, with 18 and 17%, completed the top four positions for the league's best-looking fans, respectively.

What was the worst football riots? ›

The worst disaster in the history of association football occurred at the Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru, during a match between Peru and Argentina on 24 May 1964. An unpopular decision by the referee outraged the Peruvian fans, who invaded the pitch.

What country has the most football hooligans? ›

Russian football is rife with hooligan culture and violence, with the top clubs having firms of their own. They came into prominence in the 1970s and are regarded as one of the most violent hooligans in the footballing world.


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