Top 10 Healthiest Bottled Water in the World (2023)

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated, especially during the summer months when it’s extremely hot out, but which are the top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world?

Well, there are many things that set apart some types of water over others, many reasons why some are healthier to drink than others. To start things off, we should mention that for the most part, there aren’t bad waters you can buy. Of course, it depends on where you live and how regulated things are, but bottled water is generally pretty regulated. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t sometimes find contaminated water passed as perfectly drinkable, or waters with higher nitrate levels than permitted and so on, but these cases are relatively rare and they’re caused by technical issues within the factories. Oftentimes when such issues are discovered the bottle batches are retracted from sale and you’re quite likely to hear about it on the news.

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The best water to drink is clean, pure and full of naturally occurring minerals. There are various brands out there that will use technological measures to clean up the waters to the extreme, taking out all these minerals that will actually help us. In fact, waters that lack essential minerals can cause harm to the human body, including insulin resistance, high blood pressure, constipation and more.

But having mineral rich water isn’t enough. You also need to make sure to keep an eye on what type of filtration is used when buying bottled water. For instance, absolute 1-micron filtration will remove any particles that are larger than… 1 micron, as it is logical. Minerals, therefore, are left intact. Some companies also use ozonation to eliminate bacteria, replacing chlorine.

Drinking water, in general, has many health benefits for humans. On top of quenching your thirst, it does you a lot of good. One thing that you already know is that a good part of your body is composed of water, all these fluids working to help you digest food, transport nutrients, keep your body temperature steady, helping your circulation and more. It can also aid you in keeping a steady weight or even to lose weight. Your skin looks better and your muscles work properly when you drink enough water, not to mention your kidneys, so it’s a long list of advantages.

If you’re interested, you can also check out the top 5 most expensive bottled waters in the world.

For today’s list we checked out several online sources regarding best bottled water brands, including Gayot, Mercola, Huffington Post, and 10bestwater, to name a few, and came up with the list of the top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world based on the most recommendations. Let’s check them out!

10. Waiakea

This water comes from the Hawaiian volcanoes. The water’s source is in the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, from one of the purest locations in the world. Originally rain and melted snow, the water is absorbed into the volcano. Then, it’s filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock before reaching the base of the volcano where the water is collected.

Therefore, it’s a lot of natural filtration going on before the Waiakea water is collected and ends up bottled. All the impurities from the water are already removed thanks to this incredible journey the water goes through, while the mineral composition of the water is unique on its own, including calcium, sodium, silica and potassium.

The Waiakea water is naturally alkaline with a pH level measured at 8.8, which means your own body’s pH gets regulated if you drink this water. You can buy a 24 pack of 500mL bottles for $38 plus shipping from Amazon.

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9. Volvic

Coming from a volcanic spring in the Auvergne region in France, Volvic Natural Spring Water, the number 9 on our list of top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world, is said to be one of the best-tasting bottled waters in the world. Similarly to Waiakea, Volvic water starts as rain and snow before getting filtered through layers upon layers of rocks from this dormant volcano. On its way down, the water gets enriched with minerals, while also being subjected to natural filtration.

Volvic water is popular in many countries, including Germany, Japan, the UK and, of course, France.

A 12 pack of 1 Liter bottles costs $40 plus shipping on Amazon, if you were wondering. Those who drink Volvic are quite thrilled with their choice, so we suppose you have to try it out to see what the fuss is all about.

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8.San Pellegrino

Originating in Italy, in the mountains north of Milan, San Pellegrino is a well-known name across the world. After all, considering it has a history going back centuries, it’s understandable. The sources for this water are three deep springs which actually up out of the ground at 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The aquifer the water comes from lies some 1,300 feet below the surface, among limestone and volcanic rocks, enriching the water with minerals and other trace elements.

Water from the San Pellegrino springs is said to have been the favorite of the likes of Leonardo da Vinci. A 12 pack of 33.8-ounce plastic bottlescosts $32.

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Another bottled water coming from France, and perhaps even better known across the world is Perrier, the next one on our lis of top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world. The water comes from springs in the southern regions of France, springs that have a high level of carbonation. The folks at the factory extract the carbonation and then infuse it back into the water to make things a little bit more interesting. Considering just how popular the product is, we’d say they’re pretty successful in coming up with a great product.

Of course, after making a big name for itself, Perrier has moved on to releasing various flavored water bottles, including with orange, lemon, lime and green apple.

Amazon sells packs of 24 16.9 ounce plastic bottles for $23.75.

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6. Fiji

Fiji Water (obviously) comes from the Fiji Islands and it is certainly something different from what we’ve found so far. The water comes from a protected artesian aquifer that’s located under the Fiji Islands. The bottling process takes place nearby, near the island of Viti Levu, in the Yaqara Valley.

Thanks to the journey the water takes, Fiji Water which ranks 6th on our list of top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world, comes out full of minerals, including the much important calcium and magnesium, which we all need on a daily basis.

A 24 pack of 16.9 ounce bottles costs $21.43 on Amazon.

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5. Ferrarelle

Coming from Italy, Ferrarelle Natural Sparkling Spring Water, which ranks 5th on our list oftop 10 healthiest bottled water in the world, has been around since the late 1800s. While this isn’t necessarily one of the most famous brands in the world, it is one that is connected to a particularly important market segment – the ultra-premium waters.

Before it ends up bottled, the water comes down as rainfall on the Roccamonfina volcano. By the time it is collected from the Ferrarelle spring, the water comes full of minerals, calcium and bicarbonate, making for a unique taste.

A bottle of 1.5 Liters costs $11.60 on Amazon, while smaller bottles are not currently available.

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4. Evian

The go-to water for a slew of celebrities, which has eventually made it even more famous than many other brands, Evian which ranks 4th on our list of top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world comes from France. This is a premium brand of mineral water and has been so from the very beginning, over 100 years ago.

The source of the water is the Evian-les-Bains, next to Lake Geneva. The water is full of healthy minerals, including magnesium, potassium and others.

A 12 pack of 1 Liter bottles costs $26 on Amazon.

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3. Icelandic Glacial

Although the name itself is pretty telling, you should know the Icelandic Glacial water comes from an underground spring in Iceland called Olfus. The spring itself is the result of a volcanic eruption from thousands of years ago.

The water source is always protected by a layer of lava rock which gets refreshed all the time as rain falls in the area or the snow melts over the lava fields. In short, this is a renewable source that keeps itself fresh – the beauty of nature.

A 24 pack of 500 mL bottles costs $34.19 on Amazon.

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2. Badoit

Around since the 1700s, Badoit, the number 2 on our list oftop 10 healthiest bottled water in the world, has been working to keep us hydrated for a long time. Coming from France, this water was actually sold as a medicine until the 1950s, only being available in pharmacies. The naturally carbonated water comes in several options, including sparkling and flavored water, as well as limited editions that come with higher price tags.

A case of 12 bottles of 750 mL glass bottles can go for $62 on Amazon.

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1. Hildon

At the top of our list is Hildon Natural Mineral Water which comes from the United Kingdom. This is a lightly carbonated high-quality water with a neutral pH and a lower sodium content than most other bottled waters. The source is located in the Test Valley, in the Hampshire countryside, an area that’s not impacted by pollution too much.

The waters from Hildon are so famous, in fact, that they are the first choice of sommeliers from the Institute of Masters of Wine and it is good enough to be served at the Queen’s events.

A pack of 12 glass bottles of 750 ml costs $102.93 on Amazon if you’re looking to try it out. All in all, Hildon makes it to the top of the list of our top 10 healthiest bottled water in the world.

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